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Armco Off Road Brochure

ARMCO, an Untensioned Corrugated Beam system (UCB) is a safety barrier widely used for low impact, low speed applications such as car parks, residential areas and industrial sites to protect people, machinery and buildings inside and outside.

This very simple, untested system consists of a ‘W’ shaped corrugated beam, 3.2m effective, fixed to a concreted in or bolted down post which are readily available in various lengths - holed for single and double height beams.

For further information download the PDF version of our Off-Road Information Booklet.

BrifenNews Spring & Summer 2013    
Off-Road Information Booklet

(PDF 898Kb)




Note: Hill & Smith Ltd Off Road barrier systems are supplied as a visual and partially restraining deterrent for low speed vehicular impacts, e.g. adjacent to private buildings and walkways.

The 'W' beam used with the system originated from the highway system 'W' beam used in the UK for many years. The 'standard' I section post is the traditional Off Road post chosen for its stiffness. 'Z' shaped posts are also available, and although not being as strong as the I section post, may offer a more economical barrier arrangement. The strength of the system is dependent on the properties of the chosen post/strength and size of the foundations and base plate anchors (if applicable).

Hill & Smith Ltd offer these barriers on an untested/supply only basis to the customer/clients engineers site specific requirements, deemed by the clients engineers.

Details of the structural properties of the post sections available can be found inside the back cover of our Off Road Information Booklet (available from

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Armco Post Properties

Ideally foundations/anchorage system should be designed to allow the post to plastically fail.

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